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The new medical educational experience to
master HCP attention and drive behavioural change.

For life science brands / medical affairs

Unlike anything else: Livelinx Learning triggers unparalleled HCP dialogue for healthier and more knowledgeable decision-making.

The tried, tested and trusted peer-to-peer learning experience for HCPs

+ 90% of HCPs would recommend Livelinx’s educational experience to peers and colleagues.

Why medical
departments use it

+ 200% more impact on HCP’s future decision-making*

Why HCP’s
love it

Livelinx mimics HCP habits & empowers peer2peer exchange

How lifescience teams
learn from it

Learn from your own HCP behavioural insights

Why Medical Affairs
leverage it

Nurtures connections. Elevates the therapeutic narrative.

Why KOL’s and clinicians
prefer it

Triggers meaningful conversations amongst peers

Why this is
unlike anything else

Engineered for attention. Developed explicitly for the HCP brain.

Scale HCP attention

3 engagement modes

to scale HCP, foster connections and lead the conversation in your therapeutic domain


The best way to strengthen
relationships with experts
andhigh-value HCP’s


Leverage masterclassstyle
education from
delivered by your experts
at an unlimited scale


Create unique interactive
and conversational
from anywhere

Testimonials & Partnerships
Discover what drives engagement

Access your own interaction insights to elevate your medical and marketing strategies.


engagement criteria

Engineered for the HCP brain.


impact on HCP decision-making


NPS score


of behavioral & educational experience